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Tori Cooper is an author of erotic fiction about couples in committed relationships who live quaint and quiet lives...


Until that primal force that drives mankind blows it all apart. Can love endure lust?


If you enjoy stories about everday women who discover their inner slut and the men who love them then read these stories! Explores themes of cuckolding, hotwives, humiliation, love, alphas and betas, emasculation, feminization, adultery and romance.

I was staring at the monitor.


HotwifeAna was Ned's secret password. My little act of marital espionage had worked. I was in. But all I could do was sit, stunned. His password had my name in it?


Wow. On his computer that he used primarily for pornographic purposes, my husband password protected it with a reminder to himself that I was his wife and that I am hot stuff. How incredibly thoughtful and cute.


But the username I couldn't understand. CuckoldNed. What did my husband mean by that?


Excerpt from: A Wife's Secret Book 1 Playing With Love series

Daniel stumbled to his feet.


He was going to do it. He was going to let this stud have his way with his wife for the entire last night of his honeymoon.


But at the door he lingered, permitting himself to steal a last glimpse into the romantically lit bedroom – expecting to see her looking at him leave with big sad eyes, sympathetic and loving.


What he saw instead was the sight of his wife’s lovely back, her golden tanned shoulders between the darkness of Trent’s thighs.


“God, I thought he’d never leave,” he heard Rachel whisper just before she bowed her head down onto her lover’s manhood.

Jack is a nice boy who wants to propose marriage to his gorgeous girlfriend Ashley. He feels a tad insecure now that she has moved to Los Angeles while he finishes up dentistry school in Chicago. If he can just put a ring on her finger he will have nothing to fear.

Jack hatches a bold plan to surprise Ashley by arriving early to her apartment and catching her before she is supposed to pick him up at the airport but his plan goes haywire when the girl he thought he knew arrives home with another man. The seduction that transpires before Jack's eyes will change the lives of this young couple forever.

"Well written story about a man listening over a dropped phone as his future wife is ravaged by a past antagonist of his. I have read several of Tori Cooper's books and have enjoyed them all."

"Wow, one word, hot. Loved it, loved the style. I read it slowly coming back so savor it slowly. Will definitely love to read many more from Tori Cooper."

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