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CAPTIONS - Exclusive!

On my Tumblr blog and my Pinterest boards I post cuckold / hotwife themed captions, many created by me and also many reposted by other bloggers. Here is a gallery of captions ONLY FOUND HERE.


Don't be shy! Feel free to repost on your blogs if you like!

Asian Cuckold Captions Tumblr
Asian Cuckold Captions Tumblr
A sweet kiss goodnight
Hotwife FAQs
She was very loud
Life is unfair
A hand on her lap
Don't even think about it
Home sweet home
She is a high achiever
You'll be happy you did.
A Wife's Secret - High Resolution
Pussy 6 website
pissed 1 website
Owns 8 website
Laugh 2
Anklet 2 website
OMG 4 website
Fetch 3 website
Sweat 3 website
Cuck's Closet  WEBSITE USE
Kiss 5 website
Love 5 website
Moan 1 website
bed 1 website
Look 5 website
messy 1 website
back 1 website
Phone box 3
Phone 3
A Cuckold's Calling72dpi
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